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​Born and raised in China, Yefan Zhang is a composer who writes music for Film, TV, Games, and other media. She plays the piano, guitar, clarinet, and some traditional folk Chinese instruments, such as the Taodi, Hulusi, and Bawu.

In college, Yefan wanted to explore other career possibilities. She pursued a Bachelor of Engineer degree in Computer Science, the experience which enhanced her logical thinking and organizational capabilities.

While continuing her studies, Yefan began to work as an assistant and music editor for Film & TV composer Nancy Li, who quickly became her first mentor. 

Yefan received her Master's degree in Music Composition for the Screen at Columbia College Chicago, where she had the opportunity to collaborate with students on their short films. In May 2022, Yefan moved to LA to further pursue her passion for media scoring. 

Moreover, as co-founder of Shanghai XuanBenYongZhen Music Culture Co Ltd., Yefan has organized concerts in over 20 cities, participated in classical music education, filmed live streams, and conducted several artist interviews. She continues to work remotely on company projects from the US. 

Through her experiences over the years, Yefan is comfortable with multi-tasking, working well under pressure, adapting to different situations, and learning new skills. She is an expert in using Logic Pro X and Sibelius while expanding her knowledge in Pro Tools, Pure Data and FMOD. 


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